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Baked Fish Fillet Chinese Style
Rinse fish, rub with vegetable oil, salt (optional) and pepper (red pepper is okay use sparingly). Place 1/2 the ginger pieces and 1/2 the scallions in the bottom of a baking dish that will tightly hold the fish in one layer.
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Catfish with Garlic Sauce
Wash and drain the fish, cut into 3 cm pieces. Cut the white part of the garlic leek into diagonal slices, and shred the green leaves. Heat the wok, add 3 Tablespoons oil. Heat to hot and stir fry minced garlic to fragrant.
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Deep Fried Fish in Sweet Sour Sauce
Clean, dry and slice the fish into fish into thin pieces. Mix the marinade thoroughly and immerse the fish in the solution for 1 hour, turning every 15 minutes.
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Deep-fried Mandarin Fish Pieces
Wash the mandarin fish fillet clean, absorb water away with clean cloth and cut it into pieces like gills 5cm long, 4 cm wide and cm thick.
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Deep-Fried Spiced Fish
Score the fish by making diagonal slashes on each side. Place the ginger, scallion, 1 tsp of the salt and the sherry in a dish and add the fish. Leave to marinate for 30 minutes.
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Fish Chips with Tomato Sauce
Clean fish meat and drain well. Slice. Add in salt and cornflour to marinate for 10 minutes, set aside. Heat up oil, deep fry fish until golden brown. Dish up and drain. Set aside.
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Fried Fish Fillets
Cut fish fillets into pieces 1 inches long and inch wide. Sprinkle pieces first with wine, next with salt and pepper, and last with cornstarch.
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Fry Gray Sole
This is a delicate and delicious way to cook fish. Ask your fishmonger to fillet the fish, leaving the skin on so that the pieces stay together while being stir fried.
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Grilled Fish with Ginger and Green Onions
Prepare a grill. Rub fish with 1 tbsp oil and season with salt and white pepper. Grill fish until cooked through. Put fish onto a serving platter; set aside.
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Poached Fresh Fish
Fill a large oval saucepan or fish kettle to a depth of 2 inches with water. Add 2 of the ginger and 1 of the scallions and bring to the boil. Place the fish in the boiling water. Cover and cook for 1 minute, then turn off the heat. Leave, covered, on the top of the cooker for 8 to 10 minutes.
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