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A 3-Ingredient Solution to Your Breakfast Rut
Posted Date: 2013-11-01
Source: A 3-Ingredient Solution to Your Breakfast Rut

Bust breakfast boredom with this satisfying snack: ricotta honey toast. Extremely simple to make - it only requires three ingredients and a few minutes of your time - it's a perfect solution if you find yourself skipping breakfast from lack of time or enthusiasm. Go the sweet and simple route, as described in the recipe, or brighten and heighten flavors with a pinch of orange or lemon zest mixed into the ricotta. Is savory more your thing? Add edge with a few cracks of pepper. Or top it with berries (smashed or sliced) for a fruity kick. Intrigued?

Honey Ricotta Toast

1 slice toast
Whole-milk ricotta cheese
Flaky sea salt


    Spread a thick layer of ricotta cheese on the toast. Drizzle with honey and sprinkle with salt.


Category: Breakfast/Brunch, Breads
Yield: 1 piece of toast

Source : Yahoo

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