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Beyond Doritos and Taco Bell: 4 More Amazing Fast-Food Mashups Worth Trying
Posted Date: 2013-10-24

The world thrives on diversity. We need options, combinations, and variations - otherwise we risk living a rather mundane existence. One of the realms where see the most variety is in the food world. Whether we're home cooks or renowned chefs, we are notorious for experimenting in the kitchen to create foods that will wow and intrigue our palates. These amazing combinations and crossbreeds create hybrid foods and dishes that make life worth tasting.

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A hybrid is defined as the blending of multiple animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species, and genera, to result in a specific outcome. Researchers in the food world have been playing with hybrid blends for centuries, and those combinations have inspired dozens of sub-categories in an effort to hone and create the perfect blend of flavors and sensations.

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 There is so much buzz around interesting combinations, we thought it would be fun to point out some of the culinary options out there for your curious taste buds - whether they occur in nature, in a petri dish, or just in an inventive kitchen. Of course, keep in mind we're using the term "hybrid" to mean everything from cross-bred fruits developed over decades by botanists and orchardists to fast-food mashups probably first conceived by ravenous kids at 3 in the morning.


Since 1965, Charlie's PizzaTaco has been making its way into our stomachs (and our arteries). The hybrid is a specially baked pizza crust that's folded, loaded with fresh meat and shredded lettuce, and served like a taco.

Waffle Taco

 Slightly misleading in title, this mash-up doesn't exactly combine breakfast with the beloved Mexican dish, but rather gives breakfast a Mexican flare. Taco Bell recently tested out this "waffle taco" that features a crispy waffle folded over sausage and eggs just like a taco.

Source : Yahoo

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