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If you’re planning a holiday party this year, make entertaining easier by serving festive appetizers and desserts rather

Bust breakfast boredom with this satisfying snack: ricotta honey toast. Extremely simple to make - it only requires three ingredients and a few minutes

You've probably already heard the age-old notion that drinking water will help you lose weight, and while that's on our list of ways to drink yourself skinny

Eating the kinds of bizarre foods TV omnivore Andrew Zimmern puts in his mouth each week was once the hapless lot - never the inten

Often found in the waters of the Southeastern United States, catfish became a crucial staple for impoverished Southerners, as it was relatively cheap

I have a collection of sweets that I have been gathering for the gang of trick-or-treaters that will make their way to my door on October

We all know kids love ravioli and ham and cheese sandwiches. This recipe lets them enjoy both, and the assembly makes it fun for them to make.

Sweet and satisfying bananas lend loads of deliciousness to all kinds of dessert recipes. From a classic banana split to a gooey, rich banana upside-down cake

As far as desserts go, rice pudding is in a comforting category all its own. But as much as I love this treat, traditional recipes can often be long

Pumpkin gets all the glory in the fall, but I'm a fan of apples. They're inexpensive, nutritious and - most importantly - ridiculously delicious. I love

The world thrives on diversity. We need options, combinations, and variations - otherwise we risk living a rather mundane existence.

Being from Texas, I don't get around to Hawaii often. It's a long plane trip from here and - oh dear mother of it all - how I hate to fly! Thankfully,

Everyone loves the idea of a grilled pork chop, but they often fall short of expectations. And I blame the butcher!

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving classic and tables across America are filled with the fall favorite each year. Although pumpkin

Your team loyalties may be fierce, but we hope your snacking preferences are open to change. Every one of these think-outside-the-ballpark franks is a home run.

Associate food producer Courtney Knapp shared this recipe from her mother, Marcia Knapp. Marcia bakes these and her blueberry biscuits

I buy boxes for the kids to take to school, for snacks at home, and for when we go out during

This old fashioned treat is almost like an inside-out apple crisp, with the oats and brown sugar filling nestled within. It's the kind of breakfast

When it comes to comfort food, nothing beats a hearty meatloaf. Meatloaf is an American classic that remains a dinner-table favorite today. Packed

Now that we are in prime apple-picking season, apples are at their ripest (and tastiest). Although apples are juicy and delicious on their own, cooking

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