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Cambodian branch at the Phnom Penh International Airport

ASEAN countries have previously discussed establishing

Local instant noodle company Men Sarun failed in its plan to export canned

CAMBODIA needs greater diversification of its exports

Local food producer Ly Ly Food Industry had invested about $1 million

I began my investigation aboard the trawlers that plunder the seas to provide

origins of the well-known cracker LyLy started at an import company

One young man who survived the Khmer Rouge and lost a lot of family

Khmer diet, rice and freshwater fish play big roles because

Many locals start their day with nom banh chok, a popular

Lok Lak is a traditional Khmer dish, which is basically stir-fried

The food in Cambodia is similar to that of neighbouring

Ordering the tuna or the salmon at a restaurant or sushi bar might

California health officials are warning consumers not to eat mussels, clams or scallops from Marin

The oddly humorous image, created by performance artist Anida Yoeu Ali,

As many as 150 German and 36 Dutch poultry farms are being

Local and foreign business owners seem to be jumping on the bandwagon

Kholene Pizza is dead, long live Presto Pizza! After selling Kholene Pizza eight months ago,

Soak the rice noodles in a bowl of cold water.

Farmers have expressed concern over local brokers’ manipulation

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