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The Center for Development Service in 2008 reported that piglet is produced

In this supersimple recipe from Chris Ubick, Crisco is used to fry chicken to perfection

Nom Ple Ay, or sweet glutinous rice dumplings, is a Khmer dessert that

Cambodian man concentrating on making sushi for his customers. His name is Prasoeur Suy

That means foregoing the croutons and chow mein noodles but getting

Chicken wings aren't just for the Super Bowl. Cheap, versatile, and tasty,

Orange chicken is a Chinese-restaurant favorite

This bright and fresh chimichurri is used twice: as a sauce

One new place opening this weekend, Noodle Café, combines the fusion of traditional

Cambodian Noodle Salad is the name of her restaurant, which has become very popular

Every 5pm and 11pm behind Vanda Institute, many young people on bicycles,

Slathered with queso fresco and ancho chili powder

Cambodian food is a little hard to find here, especially in comparison to the Vietnamese

Vietnam-based dairy company, hopes to tap strong local demand for its products.

The report by the Center for Science in Public Interest says chicken nuggets

New research has identified red meat increases

Cakery welcomes spring with a selection that will dazzle

Cambodia’s climate and soil conditions, a fact that has led to a sharp rise

Life is sometimes hectic, with many things packed into a day. In life

Having conquered Vietnam, Burger King Worldwide Inc marched into Phnom Penh

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