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A two-week stay in the West Bank convinced me of the unique joys of Middle Eastern food. The 2006 Lebanon War broke out the day we arrived

At $1.50 for 12 morsels of pure delight, the fried pork dumplings at budget Chinese restaurant Jiang Su Ren Jia might just be the best value in Phnom Penh.

While Cambodian sidewalk café culture is omnipresent in Phnom Penh, a single brew has a clear monopoly: cheap

This spicy vegetarian stir-fry is a great way to use green beans when they’re bountiful and inexpensive at the supermarket. You can also

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EatingWell's 7-Day Weight-Loss Diet Meal Plan is designed to provide an overall healthy-eating program. This 1,200-calorie menu is packed

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For many, Italian sandwiches have come to mean over-packed footlong monsters. They leave behind a greasy aftertaste

Phnom Penh’s appetite for dim sum appears insatiable, with bite-sized Cantonese goodies popping up at establishments

When they arrived in the United States, Cambodian refugees bought up doughnut shops by the thousand. One extraordinary man is credited with setting the boom in motion and, after several tumultuous years,

Phnom Penh’s Korean restaurants grow increasingly numerous each month. Not a surprise, given that 411,491 South Koreans visited

Brown café is one of Cambodia’s most recognisable brands. As the company prepares to open its seventh and eighth

In March of this year, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne re-introduced the Local Food Act, in which "local" is defined as the province of Ontario. This

Of Vietnam’s diverse cuisine, pho is one of the most well-known dishes. Originating in the Nam Dinh province southeast of Hanoi, and traditionally

Phnom Penh residents may be forgiven for suffering from chic boutique fatigue. Since the now defunct Elsewhere opened in 2004, countless ‘urban resort’

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Unlike the A-list star of Cambodia's tourism show -- Siem Reap -- Phnom Penh doesn't have an ancient UNESC0-listed temple complex filled

Baskets of spices, multicolored arrays of fresh produce, crispy fried tarantulas and meats from octopus to chicken feet create a bizarre foodie circus.

Khmer chef instructors will guide you through local markets and identify all the mysterious ingredients

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