Halloween candy is still as exciting for most adults as it is for children. It's part of everyone's fall ritual, whether you're taking your kids trick

Here is a dish that can be put together in just around 10 minutes. It looks beautiful and can be served as a main dish at brunch

The Bible is chock-full of food: foods that we consume nearly every day, foods that exist but we've only heard about, and foods that exist purely

The name says it all: this pumpkin is filled with the savory goodness of bacon, cheese, and bread; it makes a hearty main course or side dish.

With so much of our time taken up by work, carpools, and extra activities, we are always on the hunt for easy weeknight meals. But so you don't get stuck

Somehow, kneading a few easy ingredients melts away a world of worry and stress.

Bethenny's Naturally Thin Skinnygirl rules share a lot of advice. The rules have helped women lose processed food, and ultimately lose weight,

This easy and utterly delicious recipe is inspired by a recipe of my grandmother's. While she grates her onions, so you can't detect the texture,

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, everybody has turkeyon the brain. But right now we're daydreaming about another bird: chicken

Simplify taco night without sacrificing flavor! This chicken casserole combines traditional taco ingredients in one dish.

I eagerly dove in. But when I actually looked at the recipe, it called for a specific brand of chocolate peanut

Reinventing a classic sandwich can be risky business - while it's a great opportunity to exercise one's culinary creativity, it can also lead to disaster.

Once upon a time, coconut was considered a ticket to high cholesterol and heart disease. But recently, it's taken a cue from the avocado,

Every week, Food52's Senior Editor Kristen Miglore unearths recipes that are nothing short of genius.

Preheat oven to 400F. Cut spaghetti squash in half, and scoop out and discard seeds. Spray the center of both halves of squash with cooking spray,

Pork cooked in a slow cooker becomes so tender it almost melts in your mouth! This fragrant, Asian-style stew is simmered for hours

Full of fiber and essential nutrients, this barley-based risotto is just as delicious and satisfying as the original Italian favorite.

Take quintessential Fall pumpkin, and pair it with chocolate chip cookies, and there's no doubt it's a winning dessert recipe.

Apples are the craze during the fall season. You have the classic red, Granny Smith, Gala, Golden, Fuji, and more. From the red to the golden

When the season starts to change and the leaves begin to show a different hue, the weather gets a bit colder. With a brisk chill in the air, many

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